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Our Products

Custom Fit

At Maxwell’s Clothiers, we ensure each item you order is perfectly tailored to your exact measurements, saving you the hassle of searching for off-the-rack garments.

Cut and sewn at the hands of highly skilled artisan tailors, each garment is meticulously handmade and the result of expert workmanship. Our tailors arduously construct each garment, taking every minor detail into account.

Our master tailor reviews each measurement profile and will alert our customer concierge team to contact you should any measurements appear to need an adjustment. Another step we take to ensure a great fitting suit.

tailor made suit
bespoke menswear

World-Class Quality and Workmanship

Each item of clothing is hand-cut and made in single needle tailoring. Our clients are provided with an extensive variety of luxury fabrics to choose from in order to personalize their apparel. Our products are tailored using the finest fabrics as well as world-class interlining to ensure that we meet your every need.


Unique Customizations

We create your bespoke clothing your way. From buttons and vents, to pockets and lapels, you say how you want it and that is how we will tailor it. Each garment is personalized down to the very last detail.

All jackets are personalized with your name on the interior. We also provide complimentary monograms on shirts.

tailor made suits
bespoke suit

Attention To Detail

Our skilled craftsmen are as passionate about tailoring as we are and take expert care throughout the process. Rest assured your suit is being handled with care.

The small details are equally important to us as the big ones and therefore deserve the same amount of attention, from our defined buttonholes to invisible front pocket stitching in our suits.