How to Dress for The Season without Compromising on Style

With our Summer clothes packed away, and the warmer weather still a while away, we turn to thicker and cozier winter wear to keep us warm. This time of year, we’re all looking for ways to stay warm yet fashionable. The men’s winter clothing we have on our website’s lookbook will definitely serve as inspiration to look great no matter where you go.

When it comes to dressing for the cooler season, there are two things that matter most: warmth and style. And if you can get both of those things in one outfit, you’ve got yourself a winner!

Winter does not necessarily mean boring. Here are some tips on how to dress for the season without compromising on style:

  • Layer up: This is the key to being warm without feeling bulky or uncomfortable. Layer shirts under sweaters, with a jacket, for an easy look that will keep you cozy while still allowing you to look effortlessly stylish, at a business meeting or at family or social gatherings.
  • Accessorize: If you’re looking for a way to add personality to your outfit, try enhancing your suit with items that are versatile. Besides ties, which can be worn in different prints and colors, accessories like cufflinks, scarves, pocket squares and even sunglasses can be used to create multiple looks, without too much effort. Watches also add an element of luxury to your look.
  • Colors: With limited sunshine or outdoor activities in the winter, our skin can take on a paler hue. You should choose a color palette that compliments your complexion. As the seasons change, there are always new ways to make your style stand out with accents of color and what better way than by selecting a color palette that matches your personality.
  • Fundamentals: Traditional color schemes are generally monotone black, white and grey. This is the time of year to pull off this look. However, you may also combine other, deeper neutrals with accent tones, such as dark blue, or brown. Alternatively, you may pair lighter neutrals with more vibrant accents, such as light blue, khaki and even pink or purple. A monochrome design that is either black or bright will also work, and keep those winter blues away. Contrast is always a great choice!

Even if your choices may appear limited in the winter, you still have options: you can embrace the cold and wear layers to stay warm, or you can go with the tried-and-tested strategy of turning up the heat and staying cozy and primarily indoors.

Here at Maxwell’s Clothiers, we specialize in creating clothing that fits perfectly and keeps our customers warm no matter what type of weather you experience. We know that when you’re out in the cold, whether it’s a blustery spring day or an icy December night, it’s important to have clothing that may be thick enough yet well-fitting and doesn’t add extra bulk so that you don’t feel weighed down when moving around.

We also offer you a range of mood boards hosting a variety of color schemes to select from, ranging from neutrals to complimenting contrasts. Each aspect of your wardrobe is customized to your taste and requirements.

At Maxwell’s, we’ve got all the essentials from business attire to social occasion looks, that first suit for interviews or a collared shirt for your workdays. You never have to stress about what to wear – we have you covered for every occasion and season.

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